Chris Owen Singer Songwriter

Chris Owen Singer Songwriter

She Believes

New Way of Living

I Have an Angel

The Other Side of Town

I Hear Her Singing

Acknowledging the difficulties faced when you struggle with poor mental health. A foothold in reality, provided by loved ones, is crucial.

When I Knew What Made You Smile

You Deserve More Than Me

Dont Take Me for a Fool

Anyone who has gone through a difficult divorce might get this!!!

Everyone Lives

Seize the day, take a chance. An Irish folk feel that is great to play. Just needs fiddles and more fiddles!!

He Lived Alone

Started as a piano instrumental. I had to put lyrics to it and this is what it said. Break up!!

Only the Lonely Can Be Free

When all around seems lost, you can still find a life without conflict. This is a song about hope and not being burdened by others.